Excellence Playa Mujeres, Cancun

Thank you to our good friends Jim and Stacy for a dream vacation at Excellence Playa Mujeres. 

My 5 favorite things about this resort:

  1. All-inclusive: This was our first time at an all-inclusive resort and WOW! It took a little bit of time to get used to it, especially the being able to order whatever you want off the menu plus an appetizer and a desert everyday since it is all free. We ended up having 4 meals a day. HAHA! Our favorite place to eat was breakfast at Toscana. It is served buffet style and they have everything and not to mention every restaurant is gluten free friendly. The buffet even had gluten free toast with a designated toaster. Another one of my gavotte parts of the all-inclusive was the free vanilla lattes and ice cream at Aroma.
  2. Adults only: Don’t get me wrong, I love kids!! I own and operate a preschool full-time and it is my passion, but to get away from that and not have any attention on children with total peace and quiet made it a real vacation for me.
  3. The Spa: Stacy and Jim got Jonathan and I a couples massage for my birthday. 🙂 I love massages but this one was the best massage I have ever had!. We received the Humanity Ceremy for Two. This is their description:


    Initiate your private ceremony in the relaxing room, with a Pur eh Tea with detoxifying and calming effects,  and aura cleansing with incense, continue with a feet ritual with infused lavender flowers and essential oils, immerse then with your couple in your private Mud Therapy Room where you will apply to one another an aromatic exfoliation to revitalize your skin, continue your experience with a warm bubbling and nutrient milk mousse bath while soothing hands will apply a scalp massage.

    Now that your skin and mind are renovated, prepare for a silk sybarite body wrap and onix stones to equilibrate energy while the silk hydrates and nurtures your skin.

    For a grand finale Miilé spa indulges you and your beloved with one of two choices:

    Pindaspice Massage

    Submerge in a  sedative warm massage with cotton Poultice filled with spices, with nutrient rice, almond, sesame and cardamom warm oils and let your body, mind and soul to a complete celebration of wellbeing.

  4. Our Room: We were a part of the Excellence Club so we had premium accommodations and service with a private pool and beach. Our room was gorgeous, 2 story with a wrap around balcony upstairs that included an outdoor bed and plunge pool.
  5. The Beach: The Excellence Club beach has it all. Beach side tannings beds, plus canopy beds if you would like more shade. There is also staff for the beach area that are at your service for drinks, food, sunscreen, name it.


Hat: Amazon


Hat: Amazon
Cover Up: Amazon
Hat: Amazon Cover Up: Amazon


Cover Up: Amazon
Swimsuit is from Altar’d State but they don’t have it in stock now that summer is over


Poker Night

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