Bridal Shower


I was never that girl who grew up dreaming of what her wedding would be like. It wasn’t something I was too excited about or interested in.  My view point has changed drastically since getting engaged. The more Jonathan and I created on our wedding with our families and friends, the more excited we became. Having everyone come together to celebrate this exciting time in your life is definitely something special, it has been for me. We have had so many good times and now have great memories to look back on, from getting engaged on a hot air balloon, to having our engagement party at Moontower Saloon, to my bachelorette party at a lake house and the latest- my bridal shower!
My bridal shower was a few weeks ago and I am so touched with how beautiful it turned out and how nice it was to have amazing friends their to celebrate. Christy, Sarah and Teresa hosted my shower and blew me away. Everything looked so pretty with the gold, pink, black and white striped touch. Take a look.

Delicious Brunch!
Nothing Bundt Cakes! My Favorite!
Welcome Table- the party favors were organic chocolates that were to die for! 


My bridal shower dress- Macys
The girls had cute games for us to play (I was the judge)- toilet paper wedding dresses and create Jessica and Jonathan’s future life together using magazine clippings. HAHA!


I loved everything about my bridal shower! I am now ready to marry my best friend and celebrate with all our friends and family. 🙂


Soon to be Mrs. Davitt


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