Spring Break at L’Auberge

It was a few weeks before Spring Break and we had no plans. Jonathan and I wanted to go somewhere for the week but we recently went to Colorado, our wedding was coming up and our honeymoon in the Bahamas right after that. Then we got an offer in the mail from L’auberge Casino and Resort for 2 free nights between Sunday and Thursday. But would they include Spring Break in their promotion?  We gave them a call to check and the man at the front desk ended up booking us a room for Monday and Tuesday during Spring Break and when we asked how much it would cost for an extra night he said we could have Wednesday complimentary as well!! I was sooo excited!!!

We left late Monday morning for Lake Charles and arrived around 5:00pm. The drive was a little over 5 hours from Austin. L’Auberge was beautiful! We were so excited to check in. We had a lot to carry to our room though (I pack everything. Even my Keurig. LOL).

IMG_1655Day 1 outfit- Jessica Simpson Jacket, Ariat Cowgirl Boots, sundress from Express

L’Auberge was beautiful! The inside of the resort had a warm, sophisticated and classy look to it, with a dark wood decor and fireplaces too. It reminded me of a cozy and luxurious snow mountain resort. Right next door to L’Auberge is The Golden Nugget (another casino and resort). There is a trolly that takes you between them. We ended up liking L’Auberge a lot more though. Another casino nearby is Isla de Capri, about a 10 minute drive away. It is not as nice as the others but has cheaper tables and is a good place to play limit poker, which we love.

IMG_1768.jpgOur room was beautiful, with a view of the pools and lazy river.

IMG_1631.jpgOur bed was super comfortable!

After unpacking we headed to the casino to look around for a bit and then took the trolly to Golden Nugget for dinner. We had certain restaurants we wanted to eat at L’Auberge for the rest of the week so we thought we would try something at the Golden Nugget the first night. We ended up at the Claim Jumper. I didn’t like the food too much or the restaurant. Jonathan liked his food but I had a harder time ordering gluten free. We ended up eating at L’Auberge for the rest of our vacation.

After dinner we went to Isla de Capri to play poker and had a great time.

IMG_1725.jpgDay 2 outfit-  Jessica Simpson Jeans, Jessica Simpson Jacket, Buckle Shirt,Sandals-old but similar here: Dolce Vita Sandals.

We woke up the next morning and had breakfast at Favorites. We ended up eating  breakfast here every morning. I mixed it up throughout the 3 mornings with an omelet, scrambled eggs with gouda and bacon and over easy eggs with gouda and sausage. Jonathan loved their Egg Gouda Breakfast Sandwich.

IMG_1711.jpgAfter breakfast, we went and did a little gambling. We played black jack, let it ride and a little bit of poker slots. They come around with free drinks while you play.

IMG_1717.jpgIMG_1720.jpgA little later on we got our suits on and headed to the pool to sun bathe a little. (I need to tan before our wedding. I have been looking like a marshmallow lately.) I wear coconut oil to tan. The SPF is only around 5 so I don’t recommend it as a sunscreen but if you are looking for some color then I definitely recommend it. I ended up ordering a Pina Colada while we hung out at the adult pool. After soaking up the sun we ate dinner at Jack Daniels. I got a shrimp cocktail. The only thing I wish the restaurants would do is add more gluten free options to their menus. They all gave me some options that they could make gluten free but it wasn’t much.

IMG_1732.jpgOur 3rd day was very nice. I had a Swedish Massage at their Spa Du Lac. My girl was very sweet and gave the perfect massage, I would highly recommend her. I have become a bit of a massage junkie lately. It is impossible to think of your to do list at a nice spa. It actually gives me the time and opportunity to really relax. I love the quiet and peaceful music they play, and how calming and relaxing the environment is. I also don’t talk during my massage, I make sure to enjoy it to it’s fullest and really relax.

Later that night we went fancy and ate at Ember, an amazing steak house. Pricey but worth it. The restaurant was gorgeous, the waiters were very polite and the food was to die for.

IMG_1758.jpgEnjoying my morning bliss in my silk Victoria Secret Pj’s and kimono

IMG_1755.jpgIf you like Pina Coladas

IMG_1735.jpgI loved their beautiful fireplaces

IMG_1704.jpgLess than 2 months!


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