My 8 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Here are my routines (mainly daily) that I have found help me live a happy, healthy and energetic life:

  1. I eat 3 scrambled eggs EVERY morning. I like to add gouda cheese and salt to them.  I also eat my eggs with organic ketchup (yes I am like a kid and have to eat my eggs with ketchup. Lol). I have noticed this gives me a great start to my day. I have had protein and am fueled to go — after my organic cup of coffee. Without this breakfast I don’t feel my best. I recommend eating eggs for breakfast. Mix it up. Scrambled, over easy or hard boiled.
  2. I EAT MANUKA HONEY. It is a medical grade honey from New Zealand. It is not like normal honey. I will have a scoop here and there. Especially if I feel a scratchy throat coming on or not feeling my best. This cures whatever I have going on when I’m not at my 100%. I believe I never get sick because of this honey. I could go on with many more uses for this honey but I will go over that another time.
  3. I EAT ALL ORGANIC OR NATURAL AT HOME. My fruits, veggies, meats and more are all organic. Those 3 are very important to get organic. There are so many chemicals in conventional food.  I find that organic food also tastes better.
  4. I EXERCISE. I don’t exercise excessive but I do make sure to do:
    • 20 lunges, 10 push ups, 30 sit ups, 10 squats with dung bells and 10 forward/ left and right lunges with dung bells. I try to do this every day. It doesn’t always happen but I shoot for it. I will do these randomly throughout the day. I also will make sure to run up the stairs whenever I have to use them.
    • I will do work outs or sport activities when I can. Some activities I do are: playing disc golf, football, rollerblading, Jillian Michaels work out DVDs and swimming. Swimming has got to be one of the best work outs and it is very good for your back.
  5. I DRINK ESSENTIA WATER. Essentia is a bottled alkaline water. I noticed a difference in energy level after drinking this for awhile as well.
  6. I TRY TO GET NO MORE THAN 8 HOURS OF SLEEP AND NO LESS THAN 7 HOURS. I will admit that sometimes I get 6 hours or less, or more than 8 hours but the days I get 7 to 8, I feel my best. Any more and I feel like a zombie the next day.
  7. I TAKE NATURAL VITALITY LIQUID VITAMINS. I try to drink 2 Tbsp daily and another 2 Tbsp if I need a boost. It taste very good as well.
  8. I SNACK ON CARROTS. I find that I feel extra aware and awake after eating carrots. I honestly don’t like carrots but I will snack on them because I can tell my body needs and likes them. Sometimes I will juice then and have that instead. Carrots have many benefits. They apparently help prevent cancer and infection. Carrots also improve vision, promote healthy skin and are good for your teeth.

These daily routines have really helped me feel my best and I hope me sharing this will help others.

Organic carrots, peas and beets from our garden



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