Is Your Makeup Harming You?

Is your makeup harming your body?

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup but do you know what is in your makeup? In the past I used  beauty products that were harming my body. They had parabens and chemicals as ingredients – some examples are polyththylene, terephthalate, phthalate, polymenthyl, sodium lauryl sulfate, methacrylate and any ingredient with paraben at the end. These chemicals are linked to cancer, infertility, hormonal disruptions and more. To see a list of chemicals and their side effects see the pictures at the end of this post.

Mineral Fusion

I did a lot of research when I first saw these diagrams a few years ago, and it really opened up my eyes. I got rid of all my makeup, perfumes and hair products I owned. I started slowly buying natural products that were paraben free. I now purchase my makeup at Whole Foods. My favorite brand is Mineral Fusion. They are paraben free, phthalate free, artificial color free and cruelty free. Mineral Fusion has an eye and face primer, eye shadow, foundation, eye liner, mascara, lip color and nail polish that I love.  I highly recommend their products.

You are putting these beauty products on your body everyday. It is very important to know what you are putting on and in your body. I challenge you to look at the ingredients in your own beauty products. If you find some of these chemicals I hope you decide to make the switch to natural products. It might cost some, you can do it slowly, but it will be worth it.

Ps- I use natural hair and skin care products as well. If you are interested, keep a look out for a post on them soon. I will add the link here once posted.

Source – Good On Ya organic beauty products
Source – Good On Ya organic beauty products

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